Feel Better Before During and After
Your Favorite Physical Activities

Try wearing Jox™ once, and you might start wearing them everyday

Jox™ Athletic Shorts were engineered to help our customers feel better before during and after physical activity. Our Core Support System, the ability to easily use hot and cold therapy, and the compression provided by Jox™ give you the strength and support you need while reducing minor aches and pains.

Loosen Up Before Getting Active!

Jox™ Athletic Shorts are the only garment that has been designed to direct heat therapy to the lower back… and heat therapy is clinically proven to increase circulation, relax muscles, and increase flexibility. Just drop a Jox™ Hot Pax into the Jox™ Core Support System before physical activity and you’ll immediately feel the benefits of heat therapy.

Stay Active Longer with Jox™

The Jox™ Core Support System gives you the strength and support you need to perform your best, and feel better while doing it. Whether you are hitting the gym, skiing, or working on a construction site, you will feel stronger while wearing Jox™. Jox™ Athletic Shorts have been engineered to support the abdomen and lower back which serve as the engine for the power you need to perform. The extra support provided by Jox™ will help you perform your best, no matter what you are doing.


Reduce Inflammation and Relax with a Jox™ Cold Pax

After physical activity, nothing will feel better than icing down your lower back with a Jox™ Cold Pax. Cold therapy has been shown to reduce inflammation which can lead to pain and a Cold Pax provides an ideal temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit to provide you with soothing comfort.