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Jox™ Athletic Shorts Performance Technology

Jox™ Athletic Shorts were designed as a therapeutic undergarment for the person who wants back support and comfort.

Better Back Health Jox™ Athletic Shorts for daily physical and athletic activities is more than a compression short attached to a back support belt.

The Core Support Panel built into the front of the shorts provides a core stabilizer over the midline of the wearer. This core stabilizer assists in the proper aligning of the spine when the belt is securely fastened. 

The Jox™ belt is made from a unique and patented fabric which wicks moisture away from the body, is breathable, and antibacterial. The antibacterial and antimicrobial properties discourage bacterial growth and odor.

The compression shorts are made of high grade spandex. They are breathable, provide enhanced circulation, assist in reducing lactic acid build up, and relax the lower body and upper leg muscles.